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NBC Miami Features United Financial Counselors client Ms. Hixon:

CBS National News Features United Financial Counselors client Raquel Salezar:

Amount Clients Saved by Modifying their Principles:

Ms. Hixson Reduced Her Principle By: $160,000 | Ms. Harris Reduced Her Principle By: $425,000

This is specific to a loan program the is designed by your lender. Outcomes vary, however principle reduction loan modifications is on the rise!

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Buying a home is one of the largest and most important investments the average American makes. The buyer, MUST be knowledgeable of the programs offered to assist you acquire a home. Our organization has partnered with local businesses and organizations to bring to you the First Time Home-Buyers Course.

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Are you at risk of foreclosure? Whether you are in foreclosure, delinquent or worried about the future, United Financial Counselors has a structured program with an 89% success rate in achieving modifications, forbearance agreements, partial claims and other forms of assisting our clients retain homeownership.

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United Financial Counselors regularly counsels clients on locating and leasing rental housing. Our rental program is established to work with many landlords across the cities of Miami & Fort Lauderdale to help secure housing for both long term and short term leasing.

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United Financial Counselors wants the opportunity to provide you education and the most up to date information as possible. Our webinars vary month to month on several topics that involves personal finances to investment opportunities.

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We are a Non-Profit Organization here offering our knowledge and contacts to help you explore the possibility of reducing your monthly mortgage payment with a lower fixed interest rate, deferring or eliminating a portion of your loan obligation and helping you GET OUT OF DEBT! We have advisors waiting by to help you with all your needs!

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