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4 Surefire Strategies To Win A Bidding War For Your Home In A Hot Housing Market

Selling your home can be a surprisingly time-consuming challenge even if you are an experienced seller. It can sometimes feel weird to have strangers coming into your home asking too many questions and poking around your cabinets and closets. They will offer you less money by criticizing your home from the roof to the floor and will leave you thinking that in this fast-paced environment  that your asking price is of no worth. So, in this situation, how can you make more money within a reasonable time frame? Check out our expert tips on how to get the highest price for your home without losing too much time and your sanity.

1. Set Your Price Accordingly

a)It is not uncommon for sellers to want top dollar for their home. When you meet with your listing agent, it is important to have a clear plan of action and strategy for selling your home. Did you make any improvements or upgrades on your home? If so, you may be able to price your home higher than you originally expected. It is important that your agent first runs comparables on your home. Comparables are a list of homes in your area that have similar layouts, ammenties, square footage,and number of rooms and bathrooms as your home.

b) Do you want to sell your home fast? Did you know that setting the price of your property below its true value will attract a lot of buyers? Even a 5% drop below the market value will make your house more demanding among buyers. So, before taking this step and using the “price low to sell high” strategy, talk to your agent to find out if this is the right decision for you.

1. Set a deadline

Buyers do not want to lose a good opportunity. If your home is priced well and has all the features that buyers are searching for, then set up a deadline for accepting bids. This will push potential buyers to make good offers if they are actually interested in your property.

3. Take photos from all angles

Good photos are key when attracting buyers to your home which will ensure your home is shown in the best light. Most agents will suggest hiring a professional photographer who specializes in home photography. If you do not hire a professional, try taking pictures that showcase different eye-catching angles.  A picture speaks a thousand words, but not if taken from the right angles or by a poor camera. Poor photos can deter buyers from your home. In the pictures, highlight the main areas of your home like your kitchen, living room ,and bedrooms . If you have any special ammenties such as a pool or a glorious backyard, highlight those also.

4. Marketing

Your best deal may depends on your marketing ability. Your listing agent should be able to help you with this unless you are selling the property yourself. If your house is for sale by owner, use all social media channels like facebook, instagram, snapchat,and twitter to spread the news of selling your home. The more you advertise, the better are the chances of a good deal.

Bottom line:

To strike a bidding war for your beautiful home, do not be shy and use these four strategies that will turn up the heat and send your buyers in droves to your home.

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