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May Be Holding Your Home Buying Process Back

5 Signs Of Your Fussiness Which May Be Holding Your Home Buying Process Back

Home buyers are becoming much more informed about the home buying process, but with the limited number of homes they have an unlimited number of wishes. Finding a perfect house is a dream of every buyer and that’s the reason majority doesn’t  want to hear the word “compromise.”

New York- Alison Bernstein the founder and president of a real estate firm named Suburban Jungle Realty Group said, “Our lives are full of sacrifices and perfection is a no such thing.”

Even after months of surveying, you can’t find your dream house, then you need to consider your wish list again. Maybe you are too picky, right?

An experienced Redfin agent named Michelle Leader said, “Buying a house is a long-term commitment. It’s okay to have a long wish list but with few compromises.”

She helps her clients to understand and set the priority features which they should stick on (primary factors) and others (secondary factors) to leave. She suggests which home renovations would cost them cheap and easy. A home visualization app is used by her to better demonstrate the color of house walls, type of flooring and variety of ideas for decorating.

“Their focus will be on small things like paints, carpets which are inexpensive to replace and on the other hand, they ignore structural defects which are too expensive to replace. They are really confusing on what to have and on what to compromise,” Leader says.

Let’s have a look at these five signs which proves you are too fussy in the home search.

Hundreds Of Homes

“I have looked hundreds of homes, but doesn’t find any of them good.” Your home shopping is a difficult process. Judge the house structure, floorings, room space- ignore the color themes and décor.

Focus On Little Things

Don’t stick your mind on lights, wallpapers, window paintings, carpets and plumbing fixtures which can easily be replaced according to your own choice.

High Expectations

Don’t keep your expectation too high if you’ve a low budget. How can you buy everything with a low budget? If you wish to settle on your desired location, then you’ve to compromise on other things in order to maintain a balanced budget.

Looking For Uniqueness

If you want something unique for example, a ranch house which has a finished basement with a wide open layout, then look around your neighborhood where you can find these homes at reasonable prices.

Compromise Your Wish List

Irrespective of what your budget is you always desire for more. Be a smart thinker and list down all essential things which a person cannot live without, on the other hand, also list down those which aren’t essential and upon which the decision of home buying doesn’t depend.

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