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6 Qualities Of A Great Neighborhood

Anyone looking for a new home must have heard the golden rule of real estate: When you buy a home, you’re also buying a neighborhood. It is important to remember that when shopping for a home, there is no perfect neighborhood, and not all neighborhoods are created equal. Choosing the right neighborhood depends on your lifestyle and your unique needs.

Let’s have a look at five basic common components to ALL great neighborhoods.

Low crime rate

As security is everyone’s concern, you should choose a safe neighborhood for your loved ones. You can check the Tulia Crime Maps to see the frequency of crime in the area in which you plan to move.

Great schools

For families, great schools and school districts, make great neighborhoods.  Proximity to schools saves you and your kids valuable travel time and it is important to make sure you choose a location which has reputable schools. Living in a good district also keeps property values strong.

Medical facilities

Being close to hospitals can provide peace of mind in case of an emergency or if a child is sick. Being near a hospital is also extremely important for the elderly and for families that are taking care of their senior parents.

Easy access to public transportation

Proximity to public transportation is also important. Even if you live out in the suburbs, public transportation should be easily accessible near your home.

Proximity to shopping malls and restaurants

A plus to living in the city or in a growing suburb is accessibility to various restaurants and shopping malls.  Most people wish to live near their favorite stores or at least have grocery stores and common shopping centers within close proximity.

Outdoor activities

Access to golf courses, tennis courts, parks, and gyms can sweeten the appeal of your neighborhood. These extra amenities can increase the value of your home.

Bottom line:

A truly great neighborhood is one which suits your lifestyle. The above mentioned must-have qualities are always in demand no matter which state or city you wish to live. So, before choosing your new home, determine which qualities are best suited for you and your family.

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