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Auto Home Insurance

Auto Home Insurance-Key To Safety

Have you ever received a fine of $100 for not having motorhome insurance which you are not even currently using? From your perspective, it shouldn’t be penalized because it is a car which you are not even using and moreover its just parked at off the road near the house. So why is it a pain for someone else? Why is it bothering anyone and how? For instance, you have been storing your vehicle on your property which you don’t drive, and above all, you are not even planning to drive it without paying tax and insurance on it. You have no intentions to drive it for at least next six months. Eventually, when the tax runs out, you fail to declare it as SORN. According to the human rights you have the liberty to enjoy your property without anyone being an obstacle.

What if we say that the fine you got is authorized under the continuous insurance enforcement law that has been initiated since 2011. If you weren’t aware of it, then don’t waste time and tighten up your laces and take precautions before it could cause you further loss. According to the continuous insurance enforcement, it is illegal to retain a vehicle without insurance without insurance until and unless you have availed the statutory off road notification which is declared to you and the vehicle licensing agency. SO in this case you have breached the requirement that is embossed upon every citizen. Remember this case just don’t apply on the motorhome, in fact, this goes for any car, motorcycle or any road vehicle is subject to this rule.
What you can do to save yourself from such situation is that if you do not intend to use your car for the next six months and you are confident that is secure and safe then the most cost efficient and effective move would be to claim for the motorhome as SORN. The procedure is simple as all you need to do to log on to SORN services site. For that, you either need to enter the 16-digit number of your last vehicle or the 11-digit number on your vehicle log book. We can come to a sweet and rational conclusion over this that if you own a car and it is simply dropped at one of your property, then you need to have the auto home insurance else you would have to pay the losses from your pocket which could be more devastating for you. It is better to spend money on a save insurance policy than to pay to get yourself out of the losses in which you are not even wrong.

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