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Beware Of Phone Scams: “I Have An Emergency And I Need Money”

Beware Of Phone Scams: “I Have An Emergency And I Need Money”

Beware Of Phone Scams: “I Have An Emergency And I Need Money”

Phone scams can be alarming and are no joke. Millions of Americans are targeted each year via robo dialers and that’s exactly what scammers want. They want you to listen to their story and act before you think-Unfortunately, in many cases, they are successful as people provide personal and detailed information. What do these scammers want from you and how can you avoid these fraudulent calls?  My dear readers, they want your money. They obtain the money either by wired funds, by obtaining prepaid cards, or you directly provide them your card number. If you make this mistake, your hard earned money will be gone.

Let’s have a look at the story of Pablo Colón and his family from Bridgeport, Connecticut. They  own a radio station and both his father and sister got a scam call about “needing money in an emergency.” Luckily, Pablo recognized the scam and put the story on the air. He goal was to warn his community against these scammers.

Here’s is the video of Pablo’s story. Watch it and pass it on to your friends and family. Telling someone about this scam could save them  thousands of dollars which could be incredibly costly in the hands of scammers. Should you spot one of these scams, help others and inform the FTC.

After watching this video, we want you to beware of the most common 5 types of scams :

1. Free Prizes

“Congratulations! You’ve won a free prize” To claim your reward please let us know your personal details.” Never respond!

2. Loan Scams

Scammers love to do loan scams. They act as a representative of a lending institution or federal government and focus on obtaining your personal information.

3. Fundraiser telephone scams

Charity; the most sentimental topic to talk about. Sadly, scammers are successful when they talk about collecting funds for fire departments or local police.

4. IRS Calls

Beware of Robo-dialers who call hundreds of people each day trying to catch them in the IRS scam. For example, someone can call and demands money from you on behalf of IRS. It would be best to file a complaint with the FTC or other websites mentioned by IRS.

5. Warrant Threats

Scammers love to make people panic. They can call you claiming to be FBI agent, demand money or personal details. When you get these calls, don’t trust them.

The bottom line:

The scams above are the most common types of scams but there are many other ways to fool you. The best thing that you and your family can do is to stay educated, spread awareness about these scam callers, and report any scams to the authorities.

There’s a CallerSmart reverse phone lookup app for iPhone users to help them search mysterious numbers and to avoid unwanted calls and texts. However, if you’re not iPhone user, there are other apps which could help you tracking unknown and spam numbers.

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