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How Can A Financial Counselor Help You Deal With Debt?

Financial Counseling

Debt is stressful. Many people are not taught how to manage their debt, how to budget in order to make payments on time, or how to deal with their lender. United Financial Counselors have skilled professionals who can guide you to financial fitness. We work one on one with our clients and tailor our strategies to the client’s individual needs.

Calculating Your DTI

Debt to Income Ratio

By computing and discussing your debt-to-income ratio with your counselor, you can begin the process to a debt free life. There are many factors to consider when coming up with a budget or plan. Factors such as your income, credit history, and the number of collections you have, can help counselors understand your financial circumstances so that they can make recommendations that are best for you..

Re-shaping your budget

As your lifestyle changes, you need to re-shape your budget accordingly. Financial counselors can advise you on how to modify and develop new plans based on your income fluctuations.

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Best Outcome

Once you begin your counseling process and start following your counselors’ advice, you will start to notice positive changes in your life. You will feel less stressed, you will have more confidence in your spending habits, and you will notice that you are more organized. The best feeling of this process is knowing that your bills are paid on time.

You will get rid of harassing phone calls from creditors

The most depressing part of managing a loan or credit is being harassed by your lender or the collection agencies. These phone calls remind you of your unpaid payments and can make you feel uneasy. It sometimes causes anxiety and can prevent you from concentrating on your routine tasks.

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How United Financial Counselors Help You?

United Financial Counselors offer a variety financial workshops and seminars that are easy to understand and not too complex. It is important to be educated about your finances  Our expert advisors assist you in breaking your dependency on debt and help enriching your life through financial independence.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Budget & Financial Freedom Counseling
  • Pre & Post Bankruptcy Counseling
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
  • Home-buyer Education Programs
  • Credit Restoration and Credit Counseling
  • FREE Educational Seminars

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