Friday , December 15 2017
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The influence of US Fed Rate Hike on the common man


A Fed rate hike will not directly set mortgage rates but it does affect the housing market. This rate hike, however, indicates that the United States economy is improving. The Federal Reserve raised its key rate of interest lastWednesday (the second rate hike since December)and is a sign that the U.S central bank is making plans to increase rates faster in 2017. One rate hike won’t change the world but millions of Americans will be affected by …

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Top Best Home Improvement Tips: Increase Your Home’s Selling Price!


Are you looking to sell your beautiful home quickly but for top dollar? Christy Biberich, owner of the successful interior design firm Christy B, said: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s you putting your best foot forward.” Homeownership gives you the right to modify or upgrade your valuable property. In this case, wouldn’t it make sense …

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Home Equity


Home Equity is the value of a property that represents the current market value of the house in excess of a mortgage balance. This value, which is built over time, can become a powerful tool if used correctly. Here are five tips to make the most out of your home equity: Finance expensive purchases  Did …

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Warm Up Your Freezing Cold Home With These Budget Friendly Tips

Warm up your freezing cold home

After December’s costly electric bill, January arrived only too soon to remind you how winter affects your monthly budget. Heating is, unfortunately, a necessary, but costly evil in the winter when trying to keep your beautiful freezing cold home warm. Although insulation or weatherstripping, when applied to doors and windows …

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Underwater Refinancing Program

The Underwater Refinancing Program is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) program that will permit lenders to provide additional refinancing options to homeowners who owe more than their home is worth. This program will grant opportunities for homeowners who are current on their mortgage to restructure and refinance their loan to …

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