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Affect Your Home Investment

Do You Know How Climate Change Can Affect Your Home Investment?

Are you in the process of buying a home in a high-risk zone? Before you do, you must consider some factors that may effect your investment.

Given that no one can predict when there may be catastrophic changes in our world, it it vital that you, your family, and your assets are prepared. United Financial Counselor’s main office in Florida knows this very well when we had to board up our office in preparation for a potential evacuation in October 2016 due to a hurricane. Homes located in flood, hurricane, storm, or damage-prone areas can ruin your financial planning and it is foolish not to consider the possible effects of your potential investment.

Before you potentially lose your home and damage your savings, here are some tips from our friends at Diverse Insurance Group:


These individuals must have an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and must have experience dealing with houses within or near weather prone, hurricanes prone, or flood prone areas.


This expert should be located in your general area and can explain all flood risks associated with the area you wish to purchase.


Check with your insurance agent and review your homeowner’s policy. Most homeowner’s insurance policies generally do not provide you with the flood damage coverage and you must obtain a separate policy.

Note: The US federal government runs several flood programs for homeowners so before you decide to buy a home, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website, to see if your house is in a flood zone.


Are you in search of collecting data related to insurance claims made in the recent past? Don’t worry! The information is tracked by at least two companies, though a homeowner will need to ask their insurance agent to order a report on their behalf. One report is called the “A-PLUS” report and the other is called the CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) reportThese companies maintain histories of claims made on your home even before you purchased it.  In short, with the help of these reports, you will know all claims previously associated with your future home.


When on your home tour, check the special features such as hurricane resistant glass and also if your home comes with hurricane shutters.  It is also wise to order a wind mitigation inspection which checks the durability of your roof during a heavy storm.

In conclusion, if you think these tips are too time-consuming then it is wise to then consider the worst alternative.  By doing your due diligence, a little research will help save you time and money for any future claims. As they say, it is better to be SAFE then SORRY.

For further updates and information regarding your home, don’t forget to check United Counselors.

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