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While these savings depend on how much you spend, some stores can offer around 7% cash back on purchases while another offer 3%.

Five Small Lifestyle Changes with Big Saving Power

Compromising on things we enjoy, and the idea of sticking to a strict budget is not something most of us love doing. To make it effortless, we have listed five small things which you can do on a daily basis to boost your savings.

1. Embrace Homemade Food and Coffee

If you’re foodie, consider getting creative in the kitchen. This could save you over a thousand dollars a month and as we all know, eating out limits our budget for other necessities. The same goes for your daily espresso coffee.  Save money and start using your coffee machine to enjoy a homemade latte or espresso.  At this point, we all know that your $4 Starbucks adds up over time so be economical, prepare it at home.

2. Be Resourceful about your Personal Fitness Routine

Another expense that adds up over time is your gym membership.  Apply for free trials offers in your neighborhood and note your favorites.  Just doing a little research can help you find affordable pricing and you may discover some of the best options.

Should you want to explore outside the gym, there are also other ways you can find healthy people like you that prefer alternative workouts. Websites such as and Eventbrite and several others have great places and offer little or no-cost workouts (though you may require paying advance registration fees).

Finally, should you not want to leave your home, you may want to set up a small home gym. Most exercises can be performed using your body weight, maybe a few hand weights, some workout DVDs, and a yoga mat. This is all that is needed to enjoy your own personal fitness studio.

3. Manage your subscriptions

Always getting bill after bill about your Netflix, Cable, or Apple Accounts?  These great but costly subscriptions can quickly drain your accounts.  To save some money, first, consider what services you’ve subscribed to and their fees. For example, an individual Apple Music membership and Spotify Premium both cost around $10 per month, while Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming both cost $8 per month. Instead of all four services, you can choose one music and one movie membership which could save you $200 over the 12 months period.

4. Shop Smarter

Never miss out on free reward programs offered by your favorite stores. You can find daily deals online with websites such as eBates or Swagbucks. These websites offer rewards and also sometimes cash back offers. While these savings depend on how much you spend, some stores can offer around 7% cash back on purchases while another offer 3%.

5. Reign it In Social Butterfly

Enjoying with friends is priceless. However, a hefty dinner bill is something that still adds up over time.One way to reduce the cost of hanging out with your friends is to inject some inexpensive activities and free events in your city. Additionally, if you go out as a group, ask whether you qualify for a group discount.

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