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What to Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Home

Location, Location, Location!

Whether you want to purchase a new home for a lifestyle upgrade or for the purpose of an investment, the most important thing to consider when shopping for a home is the ‘location’. Determining where you want to live is one of the most important decisions that not only determines the future value of your property but also many aspects of your life. So if “location, location, location” the common phrase is so important, do you know what makes a location good? Here are some factors that home buyers should carefully consider when choosing where to live.

1.  A safe neighborhood

Nowadays, criminal activity takes place in almost every corner of the world. You cannot predict when and where a crime may occur. In order to attempt to safeguard your family, you need to make sure that safety is one of your main priorities when buying a home.  Note that “safe” neighborhoods may be in better areas and as a result, you may end up paying more for your home. A safe neighborhood is somewhere that you can feel free to walk around, interact with neighbors, and you feel safe enough to allow you kids outside to play around. Many communities are out there, it is just about finding the right place.

2. Proximity to work

The distance from your home to your office is really important to consider when deciding where to purchase your home. Many homeowners wish to avoid driving for long hours or using public transportation when their office is far away from their home. Therefore, when considering your next house, consider if the new place is closer to or further away from your workplace.

3. Proximity to school and school reputation

If you are planning to start a new family or if you are already a parent, the school district is an important consideration when purchasing a home. Living near your children’s school will not only save thousands of dollars each month in transportation fees such as gas but will also save time spent transporting  them to or from school. Also, when discussing schools it is also important that you choose a home that is in a good school district. All parents want the best education for their children and it is important to research the schools in the area that you wish to purchase your home.

4. Amenities

Everyone loves good amenities. Do you want to live in a location on the water or with a waterway? Do you want to live by the mountains with access to skiing? Amenities are something to consider when purchasing your home. Maybe your community has a country club setting or you have a playground down the street. Know that these additions are perks and you should be ready to pay more for these perks. These perks may appeal to you so as far as resale value; these may help resell your home later in the future.

5. Access to popular shops, malls, and restaurants

We all have our favorite shops.  Even though strip malls and shopping areas are constantly evolving, this is also something to consider when purchasing your home. Do you enjoy shopping at certain supermarkets for your groceries? You should consider the distance and how long it takes you to get to your weekly/monthly grocery or shopping faculties. Once you know what places are important to you and your loved ones, you should consider buying nearby.

Bottom line:

The area that you and your family choose to live in will have a major impact on your lifestyle. United Financial Counselors urges you to think wisely and keep these factors in mind when choosing your home.

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