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What to Look for When Shopping for A Mortgage Company

When you start shopping for a home, you will find that there will be a variety of mortgage companies vying for your business. Given that purchasing a home is a very large investment (maybe one of the largest investments you will make), it is vital that you find the best company with experienced professionals who will guide you from beginning to end.  To get a jump-start on finding the right mortgage company, we have listed 5 things you should look for:

1. Safety and Trustworthiness

Given that you will be providing someone with your secure, personal documents, it is important that you can trust the person that will be doing your mortgage. It is advisable to check on the BBB website to see the company’s rating.

2. Questions are Welcomed

As a new borrower, it is expected that you will have a huge list of questions that you would like to ask your lender. Aside from answering your questions, a good mortgage company should also ask you few questions to determine what type of mortgage would be best for you.

3. They Make You A Priority

Are you just a number? It is important when looking for a mortgage company that they are responsive to you This is a very important characteristics when looking for a  lender as a immediate response from them shows you that you are a priority and your concerns matter to them.

4. They are continuously learning and updating

Keeping up yourself up-to-date is very important especially if you’re in the mortgage industry. New laws are constantly updated for the various loans options and your lender must always be abreast of any changes or new laws or mortgage products.

5. You are not pressured

A good mortgage loan originator will never put unnecessary pressures on their clients. They should be there to help you and help you figure out what options are best for you.


Now that you have been informed about what to look for when shopping for a lender, I am here to tell you that you came to the right place. Our team and loan officers at United Financial Counselors are here to help YOU! It is important to us that our mortgage professionals are courteous, responsive, educated, and want to help you obtain your home.

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