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Refinance While Interest Rates Remain Low

Refinance While Interest Rates Remain Low

Refinance While Interest Rates Remain Low

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Most people feel the same way about their mortgage lender as they do about the dentist. They avoid making an appointment until absolutely necessary. So before you get a cavity or can’t make payments on your mortgage, sit down with a lending counselor and discuss your interest rates. A simple meeting can reduce stress and increase your bank account balance.

Fear and ignorance are the greatest obstacles to refinancing.Homeowners are not only afraid to rehash complex paperwork and expose themselves to potentially predatory lenders, they simply don’t know all of the benefits open to them.

Facts that could save you thousands!!

  • 7.4 million mortgage borrowers qualify for refinancing.
  • Many behind on their mortgage are paying 8% or more in interest, double today’s rates of approximately 4%.
  • Borrowers now paying 8% on a $200,000 balance could save over $500 a month if their rate was reduced to 4%.
  • Interest rates won’t stay this low forever.

For now, the Fed is keeping rates low but has hinted at the possibility of raising them later in 2015. Jason Walowitz (NMLS #991649) of United Financial Counselors offers counseling and educational courses so that homeowners can take advantage of the numerous benefits refinancing has to offer.

If there was ever a time to take advantage of the low interest rate market, 2015 is the year to do so!

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