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Top Best Home Improvement Tips: Increase Your Home’s Selling Price!

Top Best Home Improvement Tips: Increase Your Home’s Selling Price!

Top Best Home Improvement Tips: Increase Your Home’s Selling Price!

Are you looking to sell your beautiful home quickly but for top dollar? Christy Biberich, owner of the successful interior design firm Christy B, said: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s you putting your best foot forward.”

Homeownership gives you the right to modify or upgrade your valuable property. In this case, wouldn’t it make sense to make it appealing to a prospective buyer?

Homeownership also comes with a lot of responsibilities. While curb appeal gets hundreds of buyers in the door, there are many other things that sellers do to help sell their homes quickly. The home selling strategy varies by price, market condition, city verse suburb, and neighborhoods. One tip to sell quickly is to consider hiring a stager. A stager is a professional who can arrange and provide furniture and accessories to add style and appeal to your home. Staging can make a big difference when your buyers come to the property for showing and also when they view online photos of your home.

Cannon Christian, president of San Diego-based Renovation Realty, says, “Every property is completely different. The little things that get people through the front door matter first. If you’re looking to sell, do not do the improvements that you’ve always wanted to do.”

If you have a limited budget to make your home appealing to buyers, here are a dozen home improvements you can make before putting your home for sale on the market.

 Improve your landscape

“Even just a little bit goes a long way,” Biberich says. Add some color, replace tired bushes with new ones and with either flowerbeds or potted flowers.

Change out light fixtures and plumbing fixtures

Replacing outdated gold light fixtures, ceiling fixtures, and bathroom faucets. This can give your home a new look for a minimal investment.

Spruce up your entryway

Keep your home entry neat and clean. Buy a new front door if needed, buy a new mailbox, or purchase a new house number if yours looks tired.

Clarify any spaces that might confuse buyers

Don’t keep would-be buyers guessing approach. “Most homes have some funky or dysfunctional things that can be corrected,” Biberich says.

Do partial renovations

Your homeownership allows you to make partial renovations then why not to take advantage of it? Consider refacing the existing tub and getting a new vanity rather than gutting an old bathroom. In the kitchen, don’t replace the old cabinets but do replace the countertops.

Consider removing popcorn ceilings

“Half the folks are going to walk out the front door,” Christian says. The popcorn ceilings are likely to contain asbestos, and you need someone licensed to remove it. Create new ceilings and remove any negative threats immediately.

Remove window treatments, unless they are current

“You can never outguess buyers on window coverings,” Christian says. Replace old window treatments with the high-end one.

Return rooms to their original use

Many of us use our extra bedroom as an office, so before you show it to the buyers, turn it back into a bedroom.

Replace dirty or worn carpet

A dirty carpet is always a turnoff for buyers. You might try cleaning it first, but it would be better if you replace your old carpet with the new one.


Pack away your family photos, and everything else as a new family want to envision themselves living in the home.

Clean thoroughly

Before you put your beautiful and expensive home on the market, do a deep cleaning, so everything shines.

A fresh coat of paint makes the house look newer

Your family may love multi-color rooms, but a prospective buyer probably won’t. So before your put your home on the market, repaint all rooms in neutral colors.

Should you be on the market to buy or sell your home, United Financial Counselors is here to help. Please give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our agents or mortgage brokers.

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