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Ultimate Guide: All You Need To Know About Property Analysis Reports

Defining Property Analysis

Individuals who have purchased before know that each property is different when it comes to searching for a home or commercial real estate property. A property analysis is an overall valuation from a set of detailed notes and explanations based on a property’s size and it’s special amenities. For example, residential real estate properties are valued differently than commercial real estate properties. Who offers these valuations do you ask? There are a lot of companies that offer these valuation services but not all are experts when providing you a detailed and accurate property analysis report.

What is the importance Of A Property Analysis Report?

The property analysis report is valuable tools that will help a seller or buyer understand what a property is worth in the real estate marketplace. The reports can help you to understand when to buy, hold, or sell your property based off the current market. The information contained in a property analysis report is collected from various resources and should be accurate and up-to-date.

Contents of Property Analysis Report

A property analysis report can include the following findings:

  1. A market analysis of socio-graphic, demographic, and geographic data of the area.
  2. Basic cost information such as renovation costs
  3. The property’s physical and economic characteristics such as the physical design, square footage, etc.
  4. Income information about the estimated revenue the property should produce.
  5. Operating expenses such as utilities, repairs and maintenance, property taxes and, insurance that is required to maintain the property
  6. Basic information on how to compare your property to other relevant properties in the neighborhood includes age, condition, and amenities.

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How United Financial Counselors Help You?

If you are looking to get a detailed and accurate property analysis report for your property, , contact us. We provide a FREE property analysis report of your property.

Apart from property analysis reports, we offer a large number of financial services to our valuable clients.

Additional services that we offer!

  • Home-buyer Education Programs
  • Pre-Purchase Home-buyer Counseling
  • Counseling to Resolve or Prevent Mortgage Delinquency or Default
  • Post-Purchase Education Programs
  • Marketing and Outreach Initiatives
  • Non-Delinquency, Post-Purchase Counseling on Improving Mortgage Term, and Home Improvement

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