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Want To Save On Moving Costs?

Here Are 7 Straightforward Ways To Trim Your Moving Costs

Whether you are heading across town or down the street or country, moving can be a pain. The idea of moving makes us consider the high transportation costs, the packing supply costs, and just the hassle of moving your things. The best part about moving though, is once you are settled, you realized it was all worth it in the end. There truly is no better feeling than kicking back in your new dream home. If you are interested in saving money, this blog can help you enjoy the journey to you new house cheaper and hassle-free.

According to Martha Poage, an expert at relocation and the author of The Moving Survival Guide, “The key to making your move less expensive, less stressful and less hectic is to get organized before you move, stay organized throughout the move and keep a positive attitude.”

The following information lists 7 ways to trim your moving cost according to chief education and operating officer named Mike Sullivan, for Take Charge America, a well-renowned national nonprofit credit counseling agency.

1. Get estimates when hiring a mover

The first step towards an affordable move is to shop around and compare the prices on the various moving companies.  Research ‘A rated’ movers with the Better Business Bureau and choose one with good reviews that also is reliable and reasonable.

2. Earn a few dollars by donating or selling items

You can earn money by selling your old used items or by donating them to earn a charitable tax deduction.

Poage added: “Many charitable organizations will come to your house and take away your unwanted belongings for free. Then you will get a tax deduction for these items if you itemize them on your income tax returns.”

There are also various websites where you can sell the items such as Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, Let Go, Craigslist, and others.

3. Do not move old appliances

Older appliances usually need  frequent repairs? Save your cost by deleting these old items from your moving list.

4. Adopt a DIY packing approach

Why to hire movers to pack your items?  Packing really is not all that difficult if you pace yourself.  (Make sure to mark your boxes with the specific rooms and contents for easy unpacking later.)

“You can save a lot of money if you pack your own belongings, but make sure that you pack them well so they do not get damaged in transit,” Poage says.

“There is nothing more frustrating than having an item make it all the way to your new house undamaged, and then bang, it drops on the floor and gets broken in your haste to unpack swiftly,” Poage says.

5. Don’t invest in boxes

If you’re planning to move in future, start savings boxes from now. Get them from friends or family or warehouse stores.

Poage added: “For example, copy-paper boxes are great for moving. They are generally really strong and the perfect size for packing most of your household items. Then, when the boxes are full, you can actually still lift them up and carry them to the moving van.”

Another idea is taking small trips in your car with just blankets for any breakable items. Wrap them well enough so they do not break. If the home is close, a few quick trips will save you money and time in the long run.

6. A Pod is perfect for moving

“If you’re moving far, a pod may prove cheaper than a moving van or professional moving company, especially when considering the cost of gas,” Sullivan said.

7. Move mid-week

Don’t choose weekends to move. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are more expensive to move.

“Moving is a high-stress, high-cost experience for most people, but you can curb expenses,” Sullivan said.

Now that you have some cost saving moving tips under your belt, let United Financial Counselors help you find your dream home. We specialize in First Time Homebuyers as well as repeat buyers. Have questions or want to learn more about our down payment assistance programs, call today at 954-372-4370 or online at


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