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Warm Up Your Freezing Cold Home With These Budget Friendly Tips

Warm Up Your Freezing Cold Home With These Budget Friendly Tips

Warm Up Your Freezing Cold Home With These Budget Friendly Tips

After December’s costly electric bill, January arrived only too soon to remind you how winter affects your monthly budget. Heating is, unfortunately, a necessary, but costly evil in the winter when trying to keep your beautiful freezing cold home warm. Although insulation or weatherstripping, when applied to doors and windows are the smart options, here are some energy-saving tricks from experts at The Department of Energy.

Replace Frequently Used Light Bulbs With Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Replacing frequently used light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs can save you around $75 a month depending on your property size. LEDs save the most energy and have the longest shelf life.

Use Your Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are easier to use, and now you can match them with your schedule. Doing this daily could help you save at least 10% each year on cooling and heating costs. Replacing an old thermostat with a modern digital one is pretty good idea. For ideas which thermostats would work best for you, consider some of Consumer Reports tests.

Open Your Curtains In The Winter

Curtains block sun heat. Let the sunshine in! Energy Star-qualified windows can reduce your electric bills by 7% to 15%. Here are some Consumer Reports top choices from window test.

Adjust The Threshold of Your Door

Raise the door threshold until you no longer see gaps under the door. “If the door is not in contact with the threshold, the air is going right under the door,” Rogers said.

Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

Ensure your furnace filter is running smoothly. Keep it in tip-top shape and consider replacing it every three months. The recommended filters from Consumer Report tests did best at filtering dust. Before you buy, do check the owner’s manual guide for your right fit.

Replace Old Or Broken Appliances With New

If you’ve a decade old refrigerator or other appliances, replace it with a new Energy Star model that would help you save more on your electric bill. You can find energy savings appliances on Consumers report recommended a list of refrigeratorsdishwashers, freezers, and washing machines.

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