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Credit Restoration and Credit Building

Our programs help struggling individuals learn budgeting skills, how to reduce debt payments, and re-establish credit.

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Our programs help struggling individuals learn how to reduce debt payments, reduce interest rates, stop recurring fees/penalties, and re-establish a good credit rating. United Financial Counselors strives to assist individuals in breaking their dependency on debt and in enriching their lives through financial independence.

Our Programs are not simplistic nor too complex. Our goal is to help you understand the consumer debt market. When you are a more knowledgeable consumer, you are a stronger negotiator and a more financially responsible person – EDUCATION = SUCCESS!

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The initial step to credit repair is to pay a visit to our office to obtain a free copy of your credit report. The report not only shows the score, but it also lists all of the debts owed and the payment history. Obtaining this report allows an individual to look for mistakes or outdated information that may be harming the credit score. Consumers can have access to this report once a year or, if a company has taken conflicting action against an individual such as denying a loan or employment because of a low credit score.

If any mistakes are found on the credit report, the consumer can have them removed by sending a letter to the reporting companies with legal documentation that shows the mistake. Consumers will be required to send proof to the creditor that is reporting the report. If there are no mistakes on the credit report, then a low score is a result of an individual’s actions. In that case, the individual will have to correct the conduct that caused the low score. One must be certain to make relative payments on time since payment history accounts for 35% of the credit score. More ways to repair bad credit include keeping low balances on credit cards, paying off any loans, and always keeping credit vacant. Note that fixing mistakes on a credit report is the only way to quickly correct and improve a credit score. Alternative factors affect a consumer’s credit score for at least seven years. Bankruptcy shows on a credit report for 10 years. Credit repair can become a profuse process; many people tempted to turn to companies for help. It is vital that consumers look for genuine companies when getting credit repair help. If you need assistance with your credit repair, call United Financial Counselors today. Our affiliate United Credit Advisors offers both professional services as well as Do It Yourself Software. Contact us for more information.

In debt and need help with budgeting, credit issues, or money management? Our credit counselors specialize in assessing your current financial situation and generating a realistic budgeting plan that allows you to achieve your financial goals with ease. This is one of the easiest solutions to manage your expenses, clear your debts, increase your credit score, and plan for the future of your family. Our counselors are just a call away in helping you manage your money and will provide you with solutions that will last a lifetime.

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  • Treasury and the Federal Government have implemented laws to HELP YOU – however, very few understand what they do and how we can take advantage of them!
  • For more information on the Credit Card Responsibility Act of 2009 Click here!
  • Being harassed by creditors – THE LAW IS ON YOUR SIDE! Do not let yourself be taken advantage of: Educate yourself so you know when the law is being broken.
  • For more information of fair debt collection practices Click here!
  • When is it good to settle, negotiate, speak to a consumer credit counseling agency, or consider bankruptcy??? This answer is different for everyone. Find out what is best for you!

  • BE CAREFUL OF SCAMMERS. Never give our your credit card information or any personal information without 100% certainty of who is on the phone . Click here
  • For more information on credit cards scams

You should exhaust all options prior to entering into a bankruptcy. Our organizations affiliated attorneys will educate and provide you the insight of the ins and outs of bankruptcy.

  • Myth: I don't have time to work on a budget.
  • Truth: You don't have time NOT to make a budget!