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Loan Modification

Our expert counselors at United Financial Counselors will work with you to analyze your financial situation and offer assistance and guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. We help you step by step with collecting the documents, submitting your loan modification to the bank, and assist you with the calls to your lender. We want to work with you and help keep you in your home.

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Short Sale

Are you behind on payments, struggling to keep your head above water, and no longer wish to keep your home? You may want to consider a short sale or other non-home retention options. A short sale is a program where a homeowner agrees to sell the home back to the bank for less than the amount owed. This is a real estate transaction where the net proceeds from the sale are less than the debts against the property. In a short sale, the bank must agree to take less than what is owed prior to the sale being approved.

Short sales are a beneficial alternative to foreclosure as your credit takes less of an impact than that of a regular foreclosure. Should you be interested in speaking to a counselor about a foreclosure, contact United Financial Counselors today.

Property Analysis

A property analysis is a real estate report that will provide valuable information regarding your current property value, the potential rental value of your property, the property resale value, and other key characteristics that are utilized when determining the value of a property. This is a FREE report and will be provided by United Financial Counselors as a courtesy to anyone who wants to learn more about the real estate market in which there home is located. When requesting this report, please allow up to 1 week to receive your report back via mail.

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Other Non Home Retention Options

Deed In Lieu

A program is where the a borrower "deeds" the home back to the bank. In this program, the borrower is immediately released from all debt associated with the defaulted loan. In this program both the bank and the borrower must be in agreement. A few positive aspects of this program include the borrower having less of a hit on their credit as well as the lender not having to proceed with a repossession or eviction as they do with a normal foreclosure.

Cash for Keys

Cash for keys is a program where borrowers who are at risk of eviction from a foreclosure or have received an eviction notice may be able to receive compensation to leave a property in good faith. In this program, homeowners who surrender the keys to their home can receive a negotiable cash fee. The agreement for this program require the homeowner to leave the property in good condition meaning it may not be vandalized, all appliances are in the home, and the home must be free of any personal belongings from the prior homeowner. Should you need to leave your home after an eviction, this option may be right for you.

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