What is a REIFAX Property Analysis Report:

The REIFAX Property Analysis Report report will give you an incite about your property’s value, its potential rental value, resale value and other key characteristics that are utilized when determining the value of a property. This report is FREE and provided by United Financial Counselors as a courtesy to anyone who wants to learn more about the market place in which there home is located. Please allow up to 1 week to receive your report back via mail.

REIFAX – Property Analysis Report

  • Details Property
  • What your Property and other properties rent for!
  • Property Comparables
  • Active Properties Listed In Your Area
  • Properties in Foreclosure Status In Your Area
  • Public Records Mortgage
  • Foreclosure information on your property (if applicable)
  • A map of your area.
  • A XRay Report (A report showing declining and increasing property values and a analysis of your area)

  • (Person on Title)

    ***Disclosure: The REIFAX property analysis report should not take place of a appraisal or brokers price opinion report. This is strictly for informational purposes only and changes according to the market.

    ***Available for the State of Florida properties only