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Rental Kharma - Build Your Credit With Rent

Are you a first time homebuyer looking to build your credit so that you can purchase your first home? Rental Kharma is a program that helps you boost your credit by adding your last 24 months of rental payments to your credit report to build positive credit history with your rental payments. It is a common misunderstanding that rent is reported to the credit bureaus. Unfortunately, it is only reported if you skipped out on a lease or if you were evicted. We can change that! Rental Kharma makes it easy for your landlord or property manager to easily verify your payments and once you sign up, your rent should appear on your report in around 30 days. Your rent will be counted as a open trade line and as long as you pay your rent within 30 days of your rent payment, it will be considered on time. Increase your score and start building credit with your on time rent payments today! Click the link to sign up today! USE the United Financial Counselor's CODE #4156 for a discount.

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