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United Financial Counselors is not a debt consolidation company. We are a financial & housing counseling organization here to service the public by providing necessary educational programs. Our focus is primarily on financial literacy and providing our participants & members the tools to becoming financially successful. The economy has taken a toll on all of us financially and mentally. YOU CANNOT LET THAT HOLD YOU DOWN!!

Get up, and rise from the foreclosure epidemic, the crash of the stock exchange, and no longer let Well Street Affect YOUR Street. Our organization offers seminars, workshops and one-on-one counseling to those that not only want to bettering their lives financially, but to people that never had a understanding of debt from the beginning.

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These programs will help any struggling individual to learn how to reduce your debt payments, reduce your interest rates, stop fees and penalties and re-establish a responsible credit rating. United Financial Counselors strives to assist individuals in breaking their dependency on debt and in enriching their lives through financial independence.

Our workshops and seminars are not simplistic nor to complex. Our goal is to help you understand the “back end” of the mortgage and consumer debt market. When you are a more knowledgeable consumer, you a stronger negotiator and a more financially responsible person – EDUCATION = SUCCESS!

Mortgage Backed Securities - Denied for a loan modification – Did you try researching your pooling & servicing agreement before you give up due to denial of investor related guidelines?

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Have your credit report reviewed by a certified credit counselor. Remove old derogatory information. Understand the statue of limitations. Receive the guidance and support you need to improve your score!
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