Rental Counseling

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United Financial Counselors regularly counsels clients on locating and leasing rental housing. Our rental program is established to work with many landlords across the cities of Miami & Fort Lauderdale to help secure housing for both long term and short term leasing. In extreme situations where a client will shortly be without housing at all, we follow the budget counseling with referrals to rental agents who specialize in housing for clients with poor credit, or possible referrals to emergency housing. Our counselors also have experience with properly assisting tenants avoid FED warrants and the eviction process all together. All programs have specific guidelines and strategies to help our clients achieve the most ideal and foreseeable outcome within a timely manner. Contact us to find out more. Ever wonder what it cost in other cities to rent? Well here’s a quick look into what it costs per square in each city to rent in the United States. This will also lead you to large rental communities for you to explore rental options. Should you need help finding a rental, we are here.

Assistance in Locating A Rental, Confirming the Property is NOT in foreclosure, Tenant/Landlord Dispute Resolution, Emergency Moving Assistance and MUCH MUCH MORE! Call us Today!